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About Registration

Registration can be made before the start of any term. The Registration form (below) must be completed and fees for the full year should be paid before the start of the term. A separate registration form must be completed for each child if more than one child is being registered.

Registration for Term 2 of 2024 is now complete and closed.  You can enrol your children for Term 3 onwards. No new registration is permitted once a term has started.

Term Dates as are follows:

Term 1 - 28 January 2024 - 24 March 2024

Term 2 - 21 April 2024 - 16 June 2024

Term 3 - 21 July 2024 - 8 Sepetmber 2024

Term 4 - 6 October 2024 - 1 December 2024

Rules and Regulations

  1. Only registered children can attend. The registration form and the confidentiality agreement must be completed and the fees must be paid before the child can attend class.

  2. Parents are requested to stay in the school if the child is not comfortable without the parent, needs more attention than usual, or has special needs.

  3. Children are not allowed to bring gadgets/electronic devices to the classroom except when asked by the teachers.

  4. Children MUST be in time for Vedic Wisdom class.

  5. Children are expected to adhere to the dress code and behavior code.

  6. Parents will do their best to ensure that children complete homework, assignments, and bring the  materials required for class.

  7. The study materials provided are for exclusive use of the children attending the program. They are not to be given to anybody else or copied for any other purpose without the consent of the program coordinators.

  8. Parents are requested to ensure that children have a good sleep the previous night and proper breakfast when they come for class. That will help the children focus better.

  9. Parents/cares must drop their children in Vedic wisdom class. They should supervise their children whenever they are not in the Vedic wisdom class.

  10. Parents/carers are requested to pick up their kids on time after the completion of their classes.

  11. All communications regarding the child’s activities in the School are provided in the respective WhatsApp groups. Parents should check the messages and ensure that the children are prepared for the activities with the necessary resources.

  12. Parents are expected to ensure regular attendance of children at school and support activities and stage performances organised by the teachers. If a child is unable to attend class, the respective class teacher should be advised of the child’s absence.

  13. GGG may serve food on certain occasions during or after the classes.  If your child is allergic to any food, please ensure that child is not consuming the food served at GGG. 


Download the book 


Download the form

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Enrolments are closed for Term 1 of 2024.  We are accepting enrolments for Term 3 of 2024 onwards

Limited places are available.
Please get in touch soon, as some classes will have waiting lists.

Fill the below registration form

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Please fill in seperate form for each child

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