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We (Gopals Glorious Gang) collect personal information – such as names, addresses and telephone numbers – that is necessary for its activities including:

  • Establishing your membership status;

  • Administering and managing membership and subscription transactions;

  • Responding to your enquiries;

  • Keeping you informed of upcoming events, promotions, and new information;

  • When thought necessary, conducting surveys that will ultimately benefit you and your children;

  • Assisting us to provide our services to you.

This information is collected in a number of ways:

  • Via your completion of a membership or subscription form, or by completion of forms such as this.

  • Your contact with us by telephone, mail, at a seminar or meeting, or electronic mail or online enquiries.

Any information you provide via these means will be retained and used only for our services to you.  We will not use, sell, rent, share or disclose any information about you.  Some promotions may involve a third party. We will provide your details only to the outside organisation for the specific purpose of providing this service.

How to get your information that GGG holds

You can at any time ask us for access to information we hold about you, or request not to receive further information, by email or via the contact form

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